Argentina’s Dos Puentes Winery – The Story

Argentina’s Dos Puentes Winery – Born from an american couple’s imagination


Let’s face it. Starting a winery is a bold move. But imagine beginning a winery in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language fluently and are not plugged in to the local scene.

DeWayne Bridges and his wife Linda did just that. In 2010, they began Dos Puentes Winery in the Uco Valley of Argentina. They weren’t in Kansas (their home) anymore!

The spark had been DeWayne’s adventure climbing Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua (the highest peak in the western and southern hemispheres). The couple fell in love with Argentine wines and … a winery was born. With the help of their two daughters, local winemakers and workers, Dos Puentes was up and running.

Imagine waking up to see the majestic Andes Mountains—so close it seems like you could touch them. Imagine hiking up to your vineyard (at 5,000 feet) and sipping your Malbec, grown in one of Argentina’s most prestigious appellations (the Uco Valley).

Imagination was key to this extraordinary family’s international wine adventure. You can read all about it as you sip Dos Puentes’ Argentine treasures with this month’s International Series Wine Club.



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